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Whether it is an emergency or just an everyday service call, Enroth Electric will respond to anything our customer needs. This company’s foundation has been built on hard work and diligence combined with customer satisfaction and experience in the field to providing the best electrical work on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The generators and installation we provide to new builds or as an addition to your home prevents any loss of power during any outages that would occur in your area. We will respond to you!


Jason Enroth started this company on his own and through word-of-mouth alone his reputation of being a trustworthy businessman and electrical generator expert continues to grow. The overwhelming number of positive testimonials proves his customers trust Enroth Electric in providing them not only the best service, but the best and most efficient installation on the market. The modern technology provided to each household also sets Enroth Electric apart. Believe it!


Enroth Electric prides itself on not only the installation of electrical generators to residential households, but also any other electrical work that is needed. The company’s long-standing experience and knowledge level provide a staunch professionalism when it comes to anything associated with electrical work including modern-day electrical wiring and technology. From smart lighting installations to voice activated lighting in your home, you can depend on Enroth Electric!


Do I Really Need A Generator?

I think anyone who lives in South Mississippi could attest to the importance of having a permanent generator for your home. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 1, and even if you and your family have to evacuate your home, there is a chance you could return to your house with no power. This is a situation where a generator should be a part of your home. There are others, including the need for powered medical equipment or if your neighborhood has regular prolonged outages from storms or weather. Having a generator on hand will allow you and your family to maintain a situation more like everyday life. Homes with elderly residents and children should also consider installing a permanent generator.

Can I Run My Home’s Cooling System With A Generator?

Depending on your generator, you should be able to run your central air unit. At Enroth, we will work with you to ensure the generator we install includes an ACCM transfer switch. These switches will allow you to run a central air system that offers anything below a 4-ton rating.

What Size Generator Do I Need?

If your home is between 1200 to 3000 sq. feet, a 5,000-7,000 watt generator will allow you to run most electrical appliances during power outages. These items may include a refrigerator, lights, TV, and water pumps. Larger generators such as ones in the 10,000 to 15,000 watt area, can run a lot more appliances and will allow you to live in the same comfort as you would normally until your power is restored.

How Do I Know What Size Generator My Home Needs?

Enroth will come out and complete an assessment of your home. We will have discussions so you can think about what electrical appliances you would need to run during a power outage or emergency and then we will know what is best for you.

Do I Need To Start My Generator Frequently To Make Sure It Works?

Like any equipment, it is a good idea to test your generator at least twice a year to make sure it is running correctly. A generator is there for emergency situations and you want to make sure it will work when those emergencies arise. Enroth suggests also having your generator serviced once-a -year.

Can I Control My Generator When I Am Away From My Home?

Yes. We understand there are times and situations where you will need access to your generator and to your home’s electrical system. Enroth can help make your home “smart” in that aspect and we can even set up a “smart” house with your electrical system without a generator. The newer generators have remote accessibility so you can turn them on when you’re not at home.

How Long Does The Average Generator Last?

When maintained correctly, a generator should last upwards of 20 years or be able to run for up to 12,000 hours in its lifetime.

How Long Does A Generator Installation Take?

Depending on the size of the project, Enroth can usually get in and out of your home in day.

What If We Already Have Started Building Our House Without A Generator?

Call us immediately at 228.365.9717 and we can set up a meeting with you and your homebuilder to ensure a seamless installation.

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